How to learn Diamond Weave


If you’re wondering how to learn Diamond Weave, the answer is very simple… Grab a copy of this book! So, what more is there to say? Why am I writing a section about learning the Diamond Weave technique? Well, as this is a modern beading technique, we know a lot more about how it was developed. So, if you’re thinking about diving into it, all this background information will help.

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What is Diamond Weave?

I have an introductory page about Diamond Weave technique, which you can find here. So, I’m just going to condense that into a brief paragraph here.

Diamond Weave is a bead-weaving technique. That means, you will be stitching seed beads together, using beading needle and beading thread. You can use traditional seed beads (rocailles and delicas) and also beads like firepolish, pearls, crystals.

The stitch was developed by Gerlinde Lenz. It looks a little like Right Angle Weave, at first glance. But don’t be fooled! The thread path is completely different. I would say, it feels easier and more rhythmical.

The fabric it creates is lovely and flexible. So, it can drape like material and it is perfect for creating jewellery.

You have a lot of different variations in the stitch, all of which are covered in the Diamond Weave book.

Diamond Weave

How to learn Diamond Weave

If this sounds fascinating to you, then give it a go! So, as I said, you will need a copy of the book to learn the stitch. But I appreciate you might not be ready to invest in this without first finding out a little more.

So, take a look at this video that Cath put together to demonstrate the basic technique. If you enjoy that, then you know the book will be a good investment!

DW Earring sample by Cath Thomas, featured on My World of Beads website

So, once again, if you want to learn Diamond Weave, use this link to get the book.

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