Perfect Beading Projects to start in September


Did you know you have a beading deadline approaching…? But don’t panic…I’m here to help you with the perfect beading projects to start now, in September. Then, I guarantee you’ll meet that deadline!

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So, before we launch into those perfect beading projects, what is the deadline? Well, if you haven’t worked it out already, it’s Christmas.

Yes, I know you all hate me mentioning the ‘C’ word at the start of September. But if you’re a beader, or if you indulge in any other crafts, you really do need to be starting work already. If you want those shiny new decorations for your home, or those special gifts for friends and family, they take time. So, get started now and you’ll avoid that last-minute panic in December.

And, if you’re put off because you’re stuck for ideas, I’ve got a few thoughts to help you out…

I’ve chosen projects to suit all levels, from beginner to advanced. So, there’s definitely something for you in here!

Perfect beading projects to use as gifts

The main thing about beading gifts for friends and family is time. You’re probably going to be making a few. So, you can’t afford to do anything that is going to take you weeks.

What would be good, then? Well, jewellery or beaded pens are always great traditional options. But how about something festive?

Christmas Pickle beading tutorial, Pinkhot, Chloe Menage, My World of Beads. Perfect beading projects to start in September

I’ve picked out these little Christmas Pickles because they fit the bill on both counts. You can make a cute pair of earrings, or a gorgeous tree decoration. And, I have to confess, this tradition is a new one on me, but I love it…

The legend of the Christmas Pickle dates back to 19th Century America. You’re supposed to hide an ornamental pickle on the Christmas tree. Then, on Christmas morning, the first child to find it gets an extra gift from Santa…or a year of good luck.

So, how about you start a new tradition this year…? Click here to get the pattern.

Starting new traditions…

Speaking of traditions, how about developing another one this year? Have you ever thought about making a beaded Advent Calendar?

Well, if that sounds like fun, it’s definitely something to start now. And I just happen to have two perfect beading projects to start this tradition…

For a ‘traditional’ style calendar with boxes that you can fill with treats and beaded candles to light, how about this…?

Click here to get the Advent Calendar pattern

If you’re interested in putting a little twist on things, then how about a Christmas tree with 25 drawers that you can open? So, you can still hide little gifts in each. It’s just up to you whether you also number them, or come up with another kind of scheme…

Click here to get the Christmas Tree Beaded Box pattern


Perfect beading projects for celebrating the ‘true’ meaning…

Yes, for those of you who like a big project and want to celebrate the religious meaning of this festival (see, I’m trying to avoid the ‘C’ word…!), I have the perfect beading projects…

First: A Nativity set. You can personalise these characters. Adapt the colouring to fit your image of the Nativity scene. And, even if you don’t have time to make everything this year (although, by starting now, you should be fine), you can still add characters later on.

Click here to find out more about the Nativity patterns

Did you know, you can also celebrate the Three Kings from the Nativity scene in a more subtle way? Well, this beaded bauble pattern is perfect…

I adore the Coronet Bauble design created by Chloe Menage. It’s such a lovely use of basic seed beads. And you can adapt the decoration to do a little stash busting if you need to. Choose colouring to go with your festive scheme, or make this as a gift for someone. This is a design that is easy for all levels and shouldn’t take too long. So, here’s the link to the pattern.

Perfect beading patterns for Christmas, Coronet Bauble Beading Tutorial, Chloe Menage, Pinkhot.

So, no more excuses…

That gives you a few perfect beading projects to start right now as we get into September. Then, you’ll be ready to wow your friends and family when the Festive season hits in a few weeks.

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