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Just the other day, I was having a chat with a friend, about house plants. You see, I’m not very good at keeping mine alive… I struggle to give them the correct amount of water! So, my friend suggested I might do better with a cactus. In actual fact, I’ve always tried to get around the problem by making beaded flowers and plants. So, that set me thinking. I combined the two ideas and you can probably guess what I came up with… Clearly, I needed some beaded cactus patterns!

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So, what is already out there? Well, it turns out, beaded cacti are pretty popular. So, have you tried making one? No? Then maybe it’s time to start. I’ve pulled together some great beaded cactus patterns that I found in my search. There’s a few different techniques you can use. So, how about you pick one out and give it a try today?

Beaded Cactus Patterns Using Bead-Weaving Techniques

Now, you can of course make some beaded cacti to display in your home. But what if you just love cacti? Well, then I’ve got some really cute patterns for jewellery as well as more ornamental projects.

These cactus earrings use a combination of basic bead-weaving techniques. The primary technique is square stitch. Never done that before? Well, it’s really easy, and I have a free tutorial, including video demonstration, right here. This project just needs seed beads. So, no excuses – if you love it, you can get started right away!

Cactus earrings pattern. Beaded cactus patterns. How to do square stitch with seed beads. Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Click here to get the cactus earrings pattern


Now, if you’re not so fond of that type of cactus, how about this one…? This time around, you’ll be working in Peyote stitch. Still using seed beads, and you’ll find the cute little pots are available to buy from Chloe if you need them.

Beaded cactus patterns. Design by Chloe Menage, Pinkhot. Featured on My World of Beads, by Katie Dean

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That pattern includes several variations. So, you can make charms, pendants, earrings, and also a version with a beaded pot. It’s great fun!

Then, have you thought about a cactus beaded box? Well, I found just the thing. It’s actually just one project from a brilliant ebook showing you how to make beaded boxes with lots of flower arrangements. So, if, like me, you struggle to keep your house-plants happy, you could just bead a collection for your window sill.

Click here to get the ebook

(By the way, the free bonus project you see there, is available to members of the Beadworker’s Guild. You should find the pattern on their website.)

Beaded Cacti Made from Wire

I started out by saying that I like to use French beaded flowers to display in place of my real flowers. They look just as real, and you can make them life-size if you wish. The best bit is, they last forever and they don’t need watering!

Now, if you’ve never tried French beading, it’s super-easy. You just thread seed beads onto wire and then shape that to create flowers and plants. I’ve got a whole section dedicated to the technique at this link. That tells you absolutely everything you need to know, from basic techniques, right through to materials and links to patterns.

But, back to those beaded cactus patterns. If this is all sounding good, then I’ve got not one, but two different cacti for you to try here. I particularly like the prickly pear…

Men's Beading Patterns, beaded cactus patterns, My World of Beads

Click here to get the Prickly Pear pattern

Then, you might like to try this more conventional cactus, complete with flowers. So, you don’t have to wait for the plant to do its thing…it’s perfectly in flower all the time! (And, bonus – you get to choose what colour flowers it has!)

Beaded cactus patterns, French beaded cactus, Katie Dean, Beadflowers. Featured on My World of Beads

Click here to get the pattern

So, that gives you plenty of ideas. I’ve got just one more question for you to think about…

Which project will you choose?

Leave a comment down below to let me know which of these beaded cactus patterns is the one you just have to make now!

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Now, I love putting together these pattern collections on a theme. So, how about you tell me what themes you would like me to visit. Is there a type of beading technique, or a subject, or an occasion, that you need a pattern for? Maybe you want a particular bead type? Just use this link to make your request and I’ll pull together a choice of patterns for you to browse and try.

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  1. I adore the whimsy, of each. But, my favorite is the Cacti with the threads left for the ‘prickles’ ! Love reading your thoughts and seeing more of your creative pieces.

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