Beading Patterns for Poppies


Did you know that poppies are some of the most popular flowers? You probably did. Maybe you associate them with their iconic links to commemorating our war heroes. Or perhaps you just love their stunning look. Either way, have you tried making these with beads? Well, it’s simpler than you think. You’ve got lots of options. So, let me share some of the best beading patterns for poppies.

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Beading patterns for poppies made with wire

Now, you may or may not know this, but there is a whole sub-craft in beadwork, called French beading. Traditionally, these techniques are used for making flowers. So, you will be stringing seed beads onto wire, then shaping the wire to create flower petals and leaves. You end up with stunning blooms that can look real.

So, this being the case, you’d certainly expect to find a few poppies in amongst all the designs. And, the best news of all, French beading is really easy to learn. In fact, you can start learning (for free) right now…just click on this link.

Beginner’s pattern for a French beaded poppy

You can actually dive right in and make a poppy for your very first project. The techniques are simple, and this pattern is a nice easy make for a beginner.

Inspired more by the iconography of the ‘Poppy Appeal’ emblem, this French beaded poppy design is perfect for wearing as a brooch or pin. So, you can show your support for our fallen heroes, or use it to raise money for charity.

Click here to get the French beaded poppy pattern.

If you want to try creating some arrangements of your own, you can find all the other flowers shown at this link.

Poppies made with bead-weaving techniques

Now, if you’re a fan of bead-weaving, you can also use those techniques to make beaded poppies. So, I’ve got a couple of suggestions here.

If it’s just a poppy that you’re after, then how about this Peyote stitch pattern?

Poppy beaded bracelet pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Click here to get the poppy bracelet pattern

The pattern gives you a poppy-themed bracelet, which you can choose to make – or not. You can simply make the poppy flower and use that on its own.

But, maybe you’re looking for something that simply includes poppies? So, how about this take on the poppy…

honeycomb beads

Click here to get the honeycomb flower bracelet with its poppy motif

You’re going to be combining a couple of shaped seed beads, with your basic seed beads. You’ll be working in Peyote stitch, so there’s a lot of familiar techniques in this bracelet pattern. And it’s certainly a great way to incorporate a poppy theme!

More to come…

Now, this isn’t the end of my beaded poppy patterns. So, if you want to be sure you don’t miss out on any as I add them to the collection, make sure you’re on my mailing list. You’ll also get a welcome gift when you join. So, you can use this link to find out more and join the list today.

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