Beaded Christmas Ornament Covers


Following on from my Christmas in July post, I thought I’d take a specific look at some beaded Christmas ornament covers. So, why are these so popular? I think that’s easy – they’re simple to make and create a stunning festive tree. They also make great gifts. So, let’s give you some patterns to try…

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Easy beaded Christmas ornament covers

Most of the traditional beaded Christmas ornament covers use netting to create a loose fitting cover to sit over a bauble. This is such a great, flexible technique. Plus, you can combine all manner of beads. So, you don’t have to just stick with seed beads.

If you want some sense of the number of different designs that are possible with this technique alone, then do check out Spellbound Beads wonderful Festive beading books. Julie, their main designer comes up with stunning, yet simple designs every time!

But what if you’re looking for something different?

Have you thought about using a bauble cover to learn a new beading technique? Well, that is just what my beading group did. This bauble cover, inspired by a Christmas parcel, is the perfect pattern to introduce yourself to the beautiful herringbone technique. So, if that sounds good, grab a copy of the pattern here.

Peyote stitch bauble covers

Peyote stitch is the go-to technique for so many beaders. But did you know you can use it to create fun ornament covers?

No? Well, then, let me show you a couple of options… Peyote of course, lends itself to structural work. So, why not take advantage of this and add something structural around your bauble? This geometric inspired pattern is a really elegant design that will add some special magic to any Christmas tree. So, grab your copy of the pattern here.

You can also use Peyote stitch to make a band around the centre of the bauble. Then combine other decoration to keep that central cover in place. So, that’s exactly what you see in this snowscene. I think it’s rather lovely to have something that’s not in traditional festive colouring. So, if you agree, click here to get your copy of the beading pattern.

beaded baubles

What are your favourites?

I hope this has broadened your horizons a little and given you some inspiration as to just how rich and varied these can be. What are your favourite designs? If you have recommendations you want to share with others, please leave a comment down below.

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