Mother’s Day Beading Projects


Mothers Day Beading Projects: Fabulous Ideas and links to beading kits and patterns

If beading is your hobby, then what better way to treat your Mum than with a special gift? So, if this sounds like a good idea, here are some fabulous Mothers Day beading projects for you to try.

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Forget the jewellery!

If you think beading means jewellery, then think again! Yes, it may be a lovely idea to give your Mum a piece of beaded jewellery. But you can put your beading skills to other uses. So, I’m going to invite you to forget about jewellery (mostly!) as you consider this selection of Mothers Day beading projects.

Mothers Day beading projects with a difference

So, let’s take a moment to think about what makes a great Mother’s day gift…

Something your Mum will treasure. Something that shows her how much you care.

Just by making your gift, you are going to fulfil both those criteria.

So, let’s think about traditional gifts…

  • flowers
  • chocolates

Well, what if you could give your Mum calorie-free chocolates?

Or how about flowers that will last forever?

That’s exactly what I’m about to share with you…

Calorie-free cakes and chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate and cake? Well, who wouldn’t love them even more if they were calorie-free…?

Try out these cute beaded cakes. The chocolates make a bracelet with a difference (or turn them into a necklace if you prefer). Get the pattern here >>

Anyone for a slice of chocolate gateau? This cute ornament also works really well as a key ring. You’ll never lose your keys with that! Get the complete kit here >>

Or, how about a slice of strawberry shortcake? It’s not just a slice of cake… This one is a beaded box. So, you can add some real sweet treats inside and then your Mum can have her cake and eat it! Get the pattern here >>

Now, here’s an interesting fact for you. Did you know that Simnel cake was originally devised as a special Mothers Day treat? Well, if that intrigues you, then check out this Simnel cake beading project >>

Simnel Cake

Flowers that last forever

Did you know that you can take the traditional Mothers Day gift of a bouquet or pot plant and make it last forever?

Well, with French beaded flowers, you can. And, even better than that, they’re simple to make. So, you really don’t need any previous beading experience to get started.

I’ve picked out a few flower designs that would be perfect for Mothers Day beading projects.

Roses never get old! So, spoil your Mum with a single bloom in her favourite colour. Or go to town and make a complete bouquet for her! Get the French beaded rose kit here>>

Now, if you can’t afford roses – or maybe your Mum isn’t a fan of roses – how about carnations? This is a really simple beading pattern. So, it won’t take you too long to run up a whole bouquet of carnations. Get the pattern here >>

Or, try out this simple bouquet. It’s a beginner level project. You can colour it to your Mum’s tastes and it will look stunning forever. Get the beading kit here>>

If your Mum isn’t into bouquets of flowers, then how about a pot plant? Orchids have become a traditional choice. So, why not a beaded orchid? Grab the pattern here>>

If your Mum likes something a little different, then how about a cactus? Take care though… This may be made from beads, but the prickles can still scratch! Get the pattern here>>

Or, coming back to the traditional, how about a cyclamen. The fresh plants can be tricky to keep in bloom. But not the beaded variety. Your Mum can enjoy her favourite colour flowers all year round! Get the pattern here>>

The perfect giftwrap for Mum

Maybe you already have a little gift in mind? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some beading…

Try a beaded gift box to wrap your kit. It beats wrapping paper any day! Get the parcel beaded box pattern here>>

Parcel Beaded Box Pattern, Katie Dean

Or maybe you want to combine tradition in there too. Well, this gorgeous basket of flowers also happens to be a giftbox. So, open it up and add your gift before you give it to Mum! Get the pattern here >>

Flower Basket Beaded Box Pattern, Katie Dean

And, although Mum shouldn’t be writing her own card, she might still enjoy a beaded pen!

So, you can personalise your pen with your Mum’s name. Or write a message on it. Try flowers, or hearts, hugs and kisses. Maybe you celebrate Mum’s favourite hobby or her special pet… The options are mind-boggling, but the pen patterns aren’t! These are easy to make and you can find the pattern and materials all in one place.

Choose a pen pattern here>>

Has that inspired you…?

I hope this selection of Mothers Day beading projects has shown you that different can be good. So, you can try something other than jewellery with your bead-making skills.

Spoil your Mum with a gift that shows her how special she is to you!

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