Quick and Easy Beading Projects for Christmas


It may only be September, but it’s definitely time to start working on your festive beading. So, in this blog post, I want to share some quick and easy beading projects for Christmas. These are great projects to make and give as gifts, or to decorate your home. They are also great if you happen to have left things to the last minute…

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Quick and easy Christmas decorations

In my house, it’s definitely a tradition to add some new beaded Christmas decorations each year. But this can also be quite time consuming. Especially if I’m trying to make beaded gifts for friends and family too!

So, if, like me, you don’t have too much time available, I’ve put together some great beading projects that are both quick and easy to make.

Beaded Christmas ebooks

First up, if you’re looking beyond just this year, then you might try out this fabulous set of ebooks.

Don’t be deceived by the titles… Every single one of these is packed full of different Christmas decorations. Some are designed specifically to decorate your festive dining table, others are better for hanging on a tree, or giving as keepsakes on cards. But you’re going to find tons of creative projects…

Quick and easy beading projects for Christmas, Katie Dean

Make sure you get all three ebooks in the series – you’ll also save a LOT of money by purchasing them together! And between them, they will give you 25+ projects to try.

You can pick your beading techniques – everything from bead-weaving to French beading, bead embroidery, and wirework. And you can also find a review here if you want more information.

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Three quick and easy beading projects to use as decorations or jewelry

When you think of Christmas decorations, it may be tempting to think about baubles to hang on your tree. After all, there are lots of patterns available for these ornaments, and many of them are very quick and easy to make. (If you want a few suggestions, check out this blog).

But, how about some other cute decorations…?

These little stockings are great for hanging on your tree. But they also make fabulous festive jewelry. So, if you need something for that Christmas party, look no further…

Beaded Christmas stockings, Katie Dean

Click here to get the Christmas stocking pattern


And, how about some bobble hats and sweaters or jumpers? These cute ornaments can be made in a short beading session. They use Peyote stitch, and they’re great to decorate a tree or turn into pendants or earrings. You can find the bobble hats pattern at this link.

Click here to get the Christmas jumpers pattern – and look out for the Christmas sweaters too!


Then, if you’re a fan of basic beading techniques, like Peyote stitch and netting, these little Christmas tree earrings are quick to make. You can also use them to decorate gifts or cards, or hang around as ornaments.

christmas beading projects

Click here to get the Christmas tree earrings pattern


Quick and easy beading projects to give as gifts

Now, it’s lovely to be able to gift something hand-made to close friends or relatives. But what can you make that won’t take too long?

Well, of course you can make them some festive decorations. But I happen to have two favourite projects that I love to make to give to friends.

Both of these can be made in just a few hours, but they look a lot more impressive than that! And you can add a little extra something to them.

So, you can fill these superduo boxes with chocolates or some other treat. Plus, make them in colours to suit each friend… A truly special and individual gift!

Click here to get the pattern for the superduo beaded boxes


Then, if you’ve already made some boxes, why not move on to vases? Just as quick and easy, you’ve got three different designs from which to choose. Plus loads of advice on how to personalise them with colours and pattern.

You might even want to fill some with a little beaded flower arrangement to add to the gift.

Click here to make your superduo vases


“I have beaded many of your designs and there are many more I’m trying to get to. Thank you for continuing to amaze me. I look forward to making several of these little vase pots.”


So, that should give you plenty of ideas to try. But that’s not all… You can find even more brilliant festive beading ideas for all levels by following this link.

So, happy beading! – and here’s to a stress-free festive beading season.

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