Beaded Christmas Ornament Pattern Books


Are you looking for some new Christmas ornament ideas? Then really, consider trying beaded Christmas ornament pattern books. For just one payment, you’re going to get lots of projects. What could be better than that?

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My favourite beaded Christmas ornament pattern books

This may surprise you, but my favourite beaded Christmas ornament pattern books are actually a set of ebooks.

Why are they my favourite? Well, a few things…

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Fantastic value for money

First up, we all need to keep a careful count of our pennies, so we have more to spend on beads, right?

Well, these ebooks are amazing value for money. They are a series of three books. But you don’t have to get all three…or do you?

Each volume has eight or nine patterns. So, you might find the majority of patterns you like are all in one volume. If that’s the case, you can just get that.

However, if you are spotting something in each volume, then I really recommend getting them all. You would pay £12 (from the publisher) for each individual ebook. But if you get all three, you only pay £25. That’s a massive saving when you work it out. So, kudos to Vivebooks, the publisher, for doing that!

Beaded Christmas Ornament Pattern Books, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet Beaded Christmas Decorations here>>

Video demonstrations

When we think of ebooks, a lot of us tend to think it’s just a print book that we can conveniently read on our Kindle or laptop or whatever.

Not with this set of beaded Christmas ornament pattern books…oh no! These are ebooks for one good reason only. They contain video demonstrations. So, Katie Dean, the designer behind these lovely projects, actually shows you how to do the techniques.

Let me tell you, that’s so much better than trying to figure it all out from just words and diagrams! (Although you get those as well.) …and if you really MUST have pages to turn, don’t worry, you can print this whole book out too!

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Don’t forget the great projects!

I’ll let you decide that for yourself… I’ve scattered photos throughout this post, so you can see all the beaded Christmas ornaments on offer.

Personally, I think this collection of beaded Christmas ornament pattern books is choc full of great projects.

Katie has cleverly themed them, so you get ideas for different elements of your Christmas celebrations. But you don’t have to use those ideas just for that purpose.

Take the Christmas tree… It’s intended as a centrepiece for your Festive dining table. But wouldn’t it make a great decoration sitting anywhere? Maybe you use the candy canes (from volume 2 – the Christmas decorations) as gifts for your guests?

So, I love the flexibility and the fact that every aspect of Christmas is covered in here.

If you insist on buying on Amazon, you can get the ebooks there (they come as CD-Roms). But in this instance, you’ll find the best price direct from the publisher, where you can choose CD-Rom or download option. So, it’s up to you…

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[P.S. If you’re just looking for some single beading patterns for beaded Christmas ornaments, check out this blog>> ]

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