Modern Bead Loom Weaving


Modern Bead Loom Weaving, by Caroline French, is a must-have book if you are interested in learning how to use a loom for beading.

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That’s a pretty bold statement. So, how can I justify that?

Well, the reason I think this book is so great is because of the video demonstrations it includes. Don’t get me wrong – the written instructions and accompanying step-by-step photos are brilliant. But there is nothing quite like watching an expert demonstrate their craft. So, the video demonstrations break down the different stages and show you each one in detail.

Modern Bead Loom Weaving, Caroline French

Who is Modern Bead Loom Weaving for?

Caroline has written a very friendly book that is perfect for anyone who is learning from scratch, or wanting to develop basic loom weaving skills.

I loved Caroline’s style. It sounds as though she is talking to you personally. So, you get plenty of encouragement along the way. Caroline has also included great tips that go beyond the basic instructions.

This includes a lovely chapter on correcting mistakes. After all, it’s all very well following the instructions, but things so often go wrong. So, no need to worry when they do… Caroline has covered some of the most common problems and how to fix them.

(Yes, those are also shown in video!)

So, to answer that question… if you’ve ever looked at any beaded loomwork and wondered how to do it, or wanted to do it yourself, then this is the perfect book for you.

Modern Bead Loom Weaving, Caroline French

A quick outline of the book

Just so you know what you’re getting… The book opens with an introductory chapter that explains about the tools and materials you will need. (These are very basic – a simple loom, some thread, needle and size 11 delicas).

Then Caroline has presented eight beautiful projects for cuffs or bracelets and pendants. These are all beginner level. They use just a few colours of beads, but they look stunning.

So, I love the way Caroline has thought this through. The projects won’t break the bank: if you try this and don’t take to it, you won’t have lost much. But you will have had a great experience!

The remainder of the book is devoted to techniques. So, you will learn, in detail, how to set up a loom, weave a piece of work, finish it. Then add fringe to decorate and a clasp to complete the jewellery.

Again, these techniques are all demonstrated on video. Yet, the textual instructions and images are clear enough to follow on their own too.

Modern Bead Loom Weaving, Caroline French

The ebook format

When people talk about ebooks, they are often talking about a normal book that is simply in electronic format. Modern Bead Loom Weaving is not that. It is the latest in a fabulous collection of craft books from the publisher Vivebooks.

The trademark style of this publisher is to focus on teaching and learning. So, the videos are the element that differentiates these ebooks from others.

In Modern Bead Loom Weaving, you aren’t just getting a collection of pretty projects. You are also getting a fantastic set of lessons that will allow you to go on and create your own bead-weaving projects. So, you are learning a skill.

You can buy the ebook as a download or as a physical CD-Rom to use in your computer. However, if you don’t want to work from the computer screen, you can also print out the book’s written pages. Then, just refer back to the video tutorials if you need to.

I was also impressed that the Vivebooks website is easy to use and includes a fabulous FAQ page which answers most of the technical questions you might have.

So, if, like me, you’re someone who has previously dismissed ebooks as a poor substitute for a ‘real’ book, then think again. Wonderful as a real book is, with its special smell and the fun of turning pages, it doesn’t offer a video to show you a craft skill.

So, if you are looking to learn and grow your beading repertoire, this style of ebook is the perfect vehicle for you.

Modern Bead Loom Weaving, Caroline French

One final word…

I thoroughly enjoyed Modern Bead Loom Weaving and congratulate Caroline and Vivebooks on a book that is truly accessible and also inspirational.

Now, I’m off to find my old beading loom, brush off the dust and see what I can create!

Book Details

  • Title: Modern Bead Loom Weaving
  • Author: Caroline French
  • Publisher:
  • Price £15
  • Format: electronic download or physical CD-Rom
  • ISBN: 978-1-906314-95-8

Buy the ebook here>>

Modern Bead Loom Weaving, Caroline French

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2 Responses

  1. Caroline F says:

    OMG Katie, what more could a girl ask for. Thank you so much for such a glowing review.
    People are also more than welcome to come find me at The Crafty Chimp FB page if there are any questions.

  2. What a fabulous review Katie. We are delighted that you like the ebook, and have taken so much time to explain its content and format. Thanks so much!

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