Peyote stitch flower patterns – 5 fabulous projects to try now


Who doesn’t like Peyote stitch flower patterns? I’ll bet there’s not many of you who have put your hands up to that! So, whether you’re looking for some new inspiration, or seeking your first ever Peyote stitch flower project, here are five great choices to try now…

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Five fabulous Peyote stitch flower patterns

The wonderful thing about Peyote stitch is its adaptability. So, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re developing your skills, this stitch has plenty to offer. And, if you are just starting out, use this link to learn all you need to about Peyote stitch.

I’ve selected five flower patterns that will take you through from beginner level to more advanced.

Beginner level Peyote stitch flower patterns

I want to introduce you to two beginner level patterns. Or at least, these are something you can try as a newbie to Peyote stitch, but you probably want to have some previous beading experience.

…or maybe not, for this first pattern. This is based around a bezelled Rivoli and I happen to have a free course to teach you how to bezel a Rivoli. So, if you are new to beading, you can use that for the first part.

Then, the lovely thing about the Peyote section is the repetition. You will learn a simple technique, just once, to make one petal. Then, keep on repeating it to make each petal. So, this process will make the project feel easier and easier!

Peyote stitch flower pattern by Katie Dean, Beadflowers. Featured in how to learn Peyote stitch on My World of BeadsGet your copy of the Peyote stitch flower pattern here>>

I’ve chosen this second pattern, the Dahlia beaded bead, because it is a simple step forward from the Peyote stitch flower.

So, in this design, you’ll get to try out some colouring. Plus, the volume of petals is going to make this feel a little more fiddly to stitch. So, it’s really going to hone your skills and test how well you have grasped the technique!

Dahlia beaded beads pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers. Learn diamond Peyote stitch, My World of Beads
Get the Dahlia beaded beads pattern here>>


The third pattern

My third Peyote stitch flower is actually a Daffodil. This is a particularly adaptable pattern. You can use it to create earrings, adorn other beadwork, or just about anything else you can imagine.

So, in this project, you’ll be combining two different Peyote stitch variations. Both are simple and easily explained. So, this is a lovely little project for a quick make if you’re more experienced. Or, if you’re just starting out, work with bigger beads and learn some new techniques with ease.

Peyote stitch flower patterns for daffodilsGet the Peyote stitch daffodil pattern by clicking here>>


Two more advanced Peyote stitch flower patterns

Like the daffodil, poppies are very popular flowers. In fact, both these are used as symbols for charitable causes. So, these are great patterns if you want some projects to raise money for charity.

The poppy pattern actually uses odd count Peyote. You’ll be including some pattern and colour variation. But don’t panic – this is all explained in the project instructions.

Poppy beaded bracelet pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersClick here to get your copy of the Peyote stitch poppy bracelet pattern>>

Then, like the poppy pattern you’ve just seen, my last flower will create a beautiful summer bracelet. In fact, this is the perfect jewellery for the summer Prom season.

The really fun thing about his pattern is that you can change the flowers around. So, you might wear the bracelet on its own as an attractive band. Or, add in a flower. You can make several flowers to go with different outfits. Then, just choose the flower you want to wear and add it to the bracelet.

So, not only is this fun to make, it is also a brilliantly flexible design!

Peyote stitch flower patterns for interchangeable wrist corsage, Katie Dean, BeadflowersClick here to get the wrist corsage pattern now>>


Why should you be making Peyote stitch flowers?

Well, lots of reasons! You’ve seen how they can be turned into attractive jewellery. Have you also thought about making a large and varied selection to create a stunning necklace? Can you just imagine all those Peyote stitch flowers coming together in a sweeping section at the front?

Did you know you can also use your Peyote stitch flower patterns to adorn other beadwork?

Well, that’s just what I did when I made the Beehive box that was a 2018 finalist in the Bead Dreams contest.

If you’re interested in trying out this idea, then I have created a smaller adaptation – my Pill Box meadow design. This cute beaded box contains 6 drawers and a lid, so you have seven small storage areas for pills – or something else! If you like that idea, you can get a copy of the pattern here.

Now, how about you? What are you going to do with your Peyote stitch flowers? Do you have any other Peyote stitch flower patterns that you’ve tried? Leave a comment down below and let’s share some inspiration!

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