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Beading books gives you reviews and details of books that I have bought or published, along with links to places you can buy them.

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In each case, I have reviewed the book, including the content that it offers and my opinions of the publication. Every book included in this section is one that I have personally owned or used – I do not include ‘second-hand’ reviews. If you do have a book that you would like to see reviewed, please contact me directly.

Beading booksMy own library of beading books has been an invaluable resource to me over the years since I first started beading in 2003. The first beading books that I bought were titles from which I taught myself the various beading techniques. In actual fact, it was a beading book that started my beading journey, Arlene Baker’s ‘Beads In Bloom’ Seeing the French beaded rose on the front cover inspired me to find out how such a beautiful object could be made from beads.

Today more and more beading books are available as ebooks, or in some cases, published exclusively in ebook format. Today’s publishing market is forever changing as publishers and readers alike try to work out what they want from books. I constantly meet people with strongly polarised opinions about beading books. There are those who will always go for print books as nothing can compare with the feeling of turning pages and smelling that wonderful ‘book’ smell. Then there are those for whom practicality is more of a concern: there are only so many ‘real’ books you can accommodate in your home, so ebooks have a lot to offer in terms of saving storage. It is also the case that print books are often more expensive than ebooks, so budgetary concerns come into play. Then, as a lady I was teaching recently pointed out, we want instant gratification, ‘I don’t want to wait for Amazon to delivery my beading book, I want it while the ideas are fresh in my mind,’ so who can argue with an instant download? Whichever variety of beading books you prefer, I hope that these reviews will give you some useful insight as you take the decision of whether or not to buy.

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