The Ultimate Beading Bible


The Ultimate Beading Bible is a wonderful collection of beading techniques that will make a great addition to any beading library.

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I should say at the start of this review that you may think I have a vested interest: I was invited to contribute the short section on French Beading to The Ultimate Beading Bible and several of my own designs are also featured in the wirework and bead-weaving sections. That said, I didn’t have anything else to do with the design process until the finished book arrived in the post, so I really had no idea of the scope or size of this book.

The ‘Ultimate’ series of craft books by Collins and Brown has proved popular and I am glad that they have added a beading book to their collection. The Ultimate Beading Bible is a hardback book with 288 pages, so it is pretty weighty, but it covers a fabulous array of topics. Although the number of pages devoted to each type of beadwork is relatively short, the book has managed to include all the basics that you will need. Over the years I have become specialist in bead-weaving as well as the French Beading and I have to say that this book gives a limited view of bead-weaving, but it offers a fabulous range of other techniques. I know I am definitely going to be consulting it over and over to teach myself more about wirework in jewellery, bead embroidery and I may even crossover into bead crochet and knitting with beads! It also has great coverage of the basic techniques for stringing and creating knotted jewellery. I have to say, I am enormously impressed and would definitely recommend The Ultimate Beading Bible, whether you’re just starting out, or already an expert. I’m pretty sure there is something new for everyone to learn in here.

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