Aromatherapy Jewelry with Lava Beads


This is both a basic jewelry making book, and a fabulous idea. Aromatherapy Jewelry with Lava Beads teaches you how to make fragranced jewelry.

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So, for me, this is perfect. I have a few chemical sensitivities which mean I now have trouble wearing perfume. But with this idea, I can now wear scented jewelry.

Aromatherapy Jewelry with Lava Beads, Lori Wenger

Who is Aromatherapy Jewelry for?

This lovely book by Lori Wenger really serves two markets. Those who love making jewelry and those who are interested in aromatherapy.

For me, this is a double bonus: you get the stress-relieving benefits of jewelry making. Plus, the health benefits of aromatherapy. What’s not to love?

What I love about this book

Lori has given you 15 beautiful projects to make. They cover necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Each project is simple to make and comes with a comprehensive list of the materials you will need.

If you’re new to jewelry making, you have no need to worry. Lori has included a wonderfully clear introduction to show you the techniques you will be using. These are all beginner level techniques. So, you will be making beautiful jewelry in no time.

Then, if aromatherapy is something about which you know little or nothing, don’t worry. You will find a whole chapter devoted to the topic. So, this gives you enough information to get started. Then, you can continue your explorations beyond that if you are fascinated by this healing tradition.


Aromatherapy Jewelry is made possible by using very specific materials. So, you’re not going to be dousing any old bead with essential oils!

Lori shows you how to work with Lava beads. These are natural beads, made from lava (what a surprise!). So, they absorb and then carry the scent.

Again, Lori has included a helpful chapter about the Lava beads. So, you will get to understand these beads. If you’re wondering where to get them, they are readily available online.

Book Details

So, if this has whetted your appetite, here are the details…

Title: Aromatherapy Jewelry with Lava Beads

Author: Lori Wenger

ISBN: 9781464772566

Publisher: GMC

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