The Knotting and Braiding Bible


The Knotting and Braiding Bible, by Dorothy Wood, is a great comprehensive guide to making jewellery using various knotting and braiding techniques. The Knotting and Braiding Bible focuses first and foremost on techniques. It is divided into three main chapters, each dealing with a different theme: knotting techniques, including macramé, braiding techniques and finally Kumihimo.

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Dorothy Wood is known for her jewellery designs, so the Knotting and Braiding Bible deals with these topics from the angle of jewellery making. Some of the designs include beads. Many people will already have tried Kumihimo projects incorporating beads. The Knotting and Braiding Bible shows you how you can also combine beads into knotting and even braid with beads. These are all ideas that designers are currently playing with, but I found it particularly useful to be taken back to basics.

The Knotting and Braiding Bible gives a lot of different techniques, showing each with clear step-by-step photos and written instructions. I also liked the way the opening chapters took a comprehensive look at the materials you will need to use. The book introduces different types of string, ribbon and other materials, talking about the strengths and weaknesses of each and their suitability for different types of work.

If you are looking for finished projects, there are a handful included in the Knotting and Braiding Bible, but the emphasis is really on techniques. At the point at which I am writing this review, I am new to knotting and braiding techniques. My history has been in teaching myself basic techniques and then using them to develop my own designs. I can see this book will be an excellent reference that will enable me to learn different knots, different braids and then work them into my existing beading and jewellery projects. I would recommend The Knotting and Braiding Bible to you for the same purpose.

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