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Do you struggle to find the right clasp to add a professional finish to your beaded cuffs or earrings? Well, have you seen the Toobs range of findings? No? Then, let me tell you a little bit about them.

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What are Toobs?

These are basically a type of finding that you would call an ‘end piece’. So, they provide a professional finish (end) to your beadwork, incorporating a ring onto which you can add a clasp or ear wire.

They are easy to use and make a good choice for bead weaving projects.

Toobs, bead endings, Katie Dean, My World of BeadsThe photo shows a Toob with a single ring, designed for attaching an ear wire, or a clasp. But you have a few other choices. These findings are available in different lengths. Plus, different fittings. So, you have some with more than one ring. Or, some designed as brooch backs.

All are available in gold or sterling silver, so the finish is top quality.

How do they work?

Basically, you just slide the edge of your beadwork into the slot on the tube. Flatten down the ends, and your work is secured in place.

But you will need to use the correct sized seed beads for this to work. So, it should work with size 11 Delicas (not seed beads – they are slightly larger, as you see in this blog). Or, use size 15 beads. I actually found the size 15 beads worked better for my first attempts.

Toobs, bead endings, Katie Dean, My World of BeadsThen, once you have the Toob in place, you have a neat ending to which you can attach your chosen clasp. Just use a jump ring or split ring to link from the clasp to the Toob.

Toobs, bead endings, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

Sound like a good idea? Then, you’ll need to know…

Where to buy them

As far as I know, the Toobs are an innovation from the London Bead Company. So, they are available from their website here>>

The packs come with full instructions for using them, which just couldn’t be easier!

Hopefully this has inspired you to think about how you attach clasps and use findings to create strong, professional-looking jewellery. If you would like to learn more, then take a look at this online course.

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