End Caps for Beading


What are end caps? Have you ever used them? Do you know how and when you should use them? Well, if you need help with any of those questions, this is the place to find it!

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What are end caps?

Basically, these are small pieces of metal that are designed to fit over the end of a tube, or on the end of a bead.

Essentially, these are decorative details that just add a more professional touch to your work.

End caps for beading, Katie Dean, My World of Beads

So, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Some are designed to be glued on to your work, then you can attach a clasp to the end cap.

Others are designed for threading. So, these could be threaded to fit over the end of a tube, or the outside of a bead.

I used something like this to add a decorative touch to the simple strung rope on my Tudor necklace.

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When should you use end caps?

As you’ve just seen, they are great for adding decorative touches in simple bead stringing projects.

Most commonly, you will see them used in Kumihimo projects. So, because your Kumihimo rope isn’t going to allow you to stitch on a clasp very easily, you would usually glue the rope into an end cap, then attach the clasp to that.

(You can even make beaded end caps if you wish – just a little ‘aside’ for your interest and inspiration!)

End caps for Kumihimo projects, Katie Dean, My World of BeadsYou can also use them to add a more professional finishing touch to a bead-woven rope.

In this instance, I had created a Peyote tube. So, I was able to slip the end of that into my end cap. Then, I used French wire to attach my chosen clasp. This gave a really professional finish to my otherwise simple necklace.

Using an end cap to create a professional finish, Katie Dean, My World of BeadsThese findings are really simple and easy to use. But if you do want some extra help, advice, or just great ideas, try out this online course. You’ll learn how to add clasps the professional way. So, you’ll end up with great looking jewellery that won’t break!

Where can you buy them?

Well, most good bead shops will sell end caps. So, check out your local bead store!

If you want to discover new bead shops, anywhere in the world, or online, you can use the beading directory. Remember, the listings are growing all the time, so you’ll want to bookmark this and make it your first port of call when you need some new beading supplies.

Hopefully this has inspired you to get a little more adventurous and creative with your findings. So, let me know what ideas you have down in the comments below.

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