Superduo Beading Patterns for Non-Jewellery Projects


Now, many of us love Superduos, and have quite a few in our stash. But there is only so much jewellery you can make. So, did you know you can use superduos to make some fabulous non-jewellery projects? Well, I’m here to share some of my favourite superduo beading patterns for ‘other’ things. These include boxes, vases, and just cute ornaments. I think they’ll make you want to grab your stash and get beading!

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Do you need any special techniques?

The good news is, like many other non-jewellery or dimensional beadwork projects, these superduo projects all use common bead-weaving techniques. So, these are stitches that you’re probably already used to using.

When I wrote my beginner’s guide to beaded boxes, I mentioned that there are basically two different techniques for making boxes. These are Peyote stitch and Cubic Right Angle Weave.

Well, when it comes to making beaded vessels with Superduos, it’s even simpler. You are mostly going to be working in Peyote stitch.

You might be wondering whether Peyote stitch is more complicated with two-holed beads. Well, if anything, I think it might be easier. You remember that pesky ‘step up’, that confuses a lot of people when they start? Well, it’s much, much more obvious with two-holed beads. So, even if you’re new to dimensional beadwork, Superduos actually offer a great place to start.

Quick and easy beading projects: superduo vases by Katie Dean

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What are the benefits of working with superduos?

Apart from the fact that I think it’s easier to understand the thread paths and structures, superduos also work up much more quickly.

Take the vases in the photo above. They are a few inches high and will hold a proper arrangement of silk or beaded flowers. Can you imagine how long it would take to create that size and structure with seed beads? Well, it only takes a couple of hours (literally!) when you’re using Superduos!

So, I love this as an option for making gifts that don’t take too long.

Simple, quick…what more can you want from a beading pattern?

So, if you’re liking this idea, let me offer you a few suggestions for superduo beading patterns to make non-jewelry items…

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Superduo Beading Patterns to make Vases and Ornaments

Since I’ve already mentioned the superduo vases, let’s start there! This beading pattern is actually available within an online class. So, you get much, much more than just a PDF download.

The class gives you three completely different designs for Superduo vases. It also offers different patterns and colour schemes, plus a lot of help with creating your own.

You get all this in the PDF download, but also demonstrated in step-by-step videos. So, if you’re not yet a very confident beader, this could be a great option for you.

The class is open for enrollment and you can work through it at your own pace. Katie Dean is still on hand to help you. So, if you have questions, you can ask and receive personal tuition, just as you would in a real classroom environment.

Unlike a ‘real’ class, you get to keep the demonstrations to view over and over again. So, you’ll have ongoing access to the class and can come back and use it as often as you want. That might be several years later!

If that sounds like the kind of project and learning experience that would suit you, then click here to get started.

Strawberry Bowl Superduo Beading Pattern

If you’re a fan of ornaments, then this strawberry bowl is one to consider. It’s about 4″ wide and a couple of inches high. You can fill it with as many strawberries as you want! So, why not pile it high?

Again, it uses basically just superduos. So, it’s quick to make. The whole project is made in Peyote stitch, so nothing difficult in there. And the finished effect is a cute little ornament that will definitely be a talking point among your friends.

So, if you like the sound of that, you can use this link to get a copy of the PDF tutorial.


Superduo Beading Patterns to make Boxes

When it comes to non-jewelry projects, the first thing that often springs to mind is a beaded box. And I have great news for you… Superduos are wonderful materials for creating beaded boxes.

Again, you will be working in Peyote stitch. These work up very quickly, and you can create all sorts of amazing designs.

Take the triangle beaded box you’ve just seen above. That is a little set with three storage compartments. So, you can fill that with plenty of goodies to give to a friend. If that looks good, then use this link to get a copy of the beading pattern.

You can also make square and hexagonal beaded boxes with your superduos. So, there’s plenty of variety.

My original beaded box, the hexagon shape with its decorative lid, still remains one of my most popular online beading classes. So, again, if you’re looking for something more than just a PDF tutorial, that could be a good place to start. You can find the online class at this link.

If you’re happy with just a PDF tutorial and you like the square shape with its opening lid, then use this link to get a copy of the pattern.

Whimsical Superduo beaded boxes

As with the vases and ornaments, your beaded boxes can also be a little whimsical if that is your preferred style. So, how about a strawberry with cream?

Yes, that’s right, this is another Peyote stitch design. It adds in a few more seed beads than the other boxes, but these are still things you will have in your stash. And it offers good storage space – perfect for anyone who loves strawberries!

Use this link to get the pattern for the strawberry superduo beaded box


While we’re thinking of the summer, it wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream cone. And guess what? You can use superduos to make an ice cream beaded box!

Again, this variation will use a few seed beads to create the ice cream topping. But these are all basics that you’ve probably already got. You’ll be working in Peyote stitch. So, don’t be fooled by the look of this. The topping is a simple Cellini spiral, all written out in detailed instructions so it’s very easy to follow. But the effect looks spectacular! So, you can grab a copy of the pattern using this link.

What will you make with yours?

So, if you’re looking to use up some superduos, but you’re tired of making jewelry, I hope I’ve inspired you. Which of these superduo beading patterns are you going to be trying?

Have you made some of these projects already?

Let us know down in the comments below!

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