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I’m coming towards the end of my little series of blogs looking at bead storage ideas. So, although I’m going to be focusing on bead travel cases in this one, you can also find out about loads of other bead storage ideas here >>

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Now, we all want to travel with our beads. Whether it’s just to your local bead group or friend’s house, or on vacation. So, I’m going to talk about some bead storage ideas that will make travelling with beads really easy!

Bead storage ideas for travel, my world of beads

Invest in a bead travel case…

Well, if your existing bead storage solutions aren’t very portable, you might want to think about a bead travel case.

Over the years, a few bead companies have created products that are specifically designed for travelling.

Many years ago, I was given a brilliant travel case made by Oaktree Crafts. It has travelled the world with me and been much admired. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. But fear not! …I have a brilliant solution, so keep reading…

Bead storage ideas for travel, my world of beads

What makes a great bead travel case?

To my mind, there are three reasons why this worked so brilliantly…

Firstly, it is small enough to fit in a large handbag, so I can take it out for a day trip. If I’m going further afield, it doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase.

Secondly, it keeps everything secure. So, although I don’t risk leaving loose beads out when I roll it up, I can leave a project, my tubes of beads, thread and scissors in there and know they will all be safe.

Thirdly, is it really quick and easy to get out and put away. So, I don’t need to spend hours packing and unpacking beads – I can just get on with my project.

Bead Storage ideas for travel, my world of beads

More bead storage ideas to consider

The Beadsmith can always be relied upon to come up with a solution to most beading problems. So, this special carry case is another idea to consider. It probably works best for jewellery making as there isn’t so much room on it for working. But you have great space for laying out beads and the clear lid just fits over everything to keep it secure.

Then, if you have read my post about beading mats, you won’t be surprised to find that Silaba crafts also have a travelling bead board. It is basically one of their bead boards with a lid. So, you can secure the lid over your beading and just pick up your project to travel. It certainly meets the criteria of good bead storage ideas for travel that I outlined above. Find more information here >>

Then, the Beadsmith also have a handy ‘sticky tray’. So, it may not be something you can use without packing and unpacking, but it’s great on planes and trains where turbulence might send your beads flying!

Click here to view the sticky tray.

For more bead storage ideas, try googling ‘bead travel cases’ or ‘bead storage ideas for travelling’.

Why I made my own bead travel case…

Well, really nothing quite matched the convenience of my original travel case. I still have it and it is still in perfect condition. But I’m greedy and wanted another one!

So, I decided to make my own…

…costing just a few ££…

I bought a set of large beading mats…this very set in fact.

Then used a piece of felt and some ribbon from my craft stash (it wouldn’t have cost much to buy these if I hadn’t had them in the stash).

…and taking less than an hour to make!

Yes, that’s right – my glorious design took me less than an hour to make.

So, why is it so good?

Let me show you…

First up, you can quickly roll it and unroll it, using the ribbon to keep everything in place.

Then, I included a little pocket where I can store my thread, tools and tubes of beads.

I can pin my spare needles onto the flap at the top (can you just see it there?).

I also added a special pocket at the back. So, I can slide in a piece of card to support my working area if I want to use it on my lap… (that might also be a good place to store my beading pattern!)

Bead storage ideas for travel, my world of beads…And the finishing touch… Home-made bead trays to stop my little piles of beads from rolling into one another or escaping from the mat…

Bead Storage ideas for travel, My World of Beads

I simply took the lid off an empty Haagen Dazs mini ice cream pot. Then, cut a piece of felt (or bead mat) to fit it. Glue it inside the lid, and you’ve got a makeshift bead organiser. You can use the lids off any small pot, and you can add labels to your organisers if you wish. Perfect up-cycling!

Get my instructions and make your own

Well, I like to share my inventions. So, I’m not going to be mean and keep such great bead storage ideas for travelling to myself! No, I have written up the instructions for making my DIY bead travel case.

So, you can grab the materials I used, by following the links above.

Then, get a copy of the instructions here for free >>

And, within an  hour, you’ll have a clever, portable bead travel case to enjoy!

If you’ve got any bead storage ideas for travel, then don’t forget to share them in the comments…


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6 Responses

  1. Judy Bechtel says:

    I discovered that hardcover glass cases make great travel cases.

  2. Josie Rushton says:

    I use a particular type of childs pencil case that I bought from WHSmiths because it zips closed , has netted storage in the lid to tuck your beads etc, a flap that has elastic to hold pens which works for bead tubes & thread then the bottom that is good as a beading mat due to the type of material used. Great for aircraft, car, train because it’s well contained & easily closes in a hurry. Also fits in my handbag!

  3. Joan Acquistapace says:

    I took some really thin foam and a piece of velvet, framed them, and now have a traveling board with slightly raised edges. The velvet holds the beads ‘up’ just a bit, making it easy to get them on the needle, and the beads don’t roll around much.

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