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You might be wondering why I’ve classified Polymer Clay in the beading techniques section… Well, I thought long and hard about this. Where else could it go? I’ve got wirework techniques in here, like French beading. So, this isn’t just a section about bead-weaving.

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I think all us crafters are the same at heart. We might get drawn into one particular craft to begin with. But we soon end up getting a little distracted by something else. Now that ‘something’ might be a real contrast from our original craft, or it might be a natural development.

In this case, I think Polymer Clay is actually a really natural craft to try if you already love beading. So, let me tell you why…

Miniature Cake Creations, book by Maive Ferrando, reviewed by Katie Dean, My World of Beads

What is Polymer Clay?

Technically speaking, this is a material. It’s a special soft clay that comes in a range of colours. So, you can mould shapes from it, then bake them hard in your kitchen oven.

So, in this sense, it’s a really easy craft to get into.

Notice how I slipped into talking about the craft? Well, that’s because we also use the term as a generic description of the activity. What do I mean? Basically, the craft is about using Polymer Clay to sculpt beads, jewellery, or ornaments. But we don’t say ‘working with Polymer Clay’…we shorten it to just the name of the material.

Blueberry Cake by Maive Ferrando, featured on My World of Beads


Why should you get into this craft?

Lots of reasons… I think the most important is the same as with any craft – because it appeals to you! So, if you’re looking at the images on this page and thinking, ‘wow – I’d love to do that!’, it’s time to get started.

If you need a purpose for taking up a new craft or hobby, then your reasons might be:

  • You want to make your own beads, so you can create really unique pieces of jewellery
  • Or, you want to make pieces of jewellery – polymer is great for creating pins, brooches and earrings

So, hopefully, you’re now beginning to see why I think there’s a strong crossover between Polymer and beading. Yes, the skills, tools and materials are different. But the end result falls in the same area – creating jewellery or handcrafted ornaments.

Polymer Clay brands

How do you start learning?

If this has got you curious – or if you’re now totally enthused – how do you start learning this new craft? I’m delighted to be able to announce that I have an expert guest blogger to help you out with that.

You’ve probably been admiring the photos on this page… Well, they’re all made by Maive Ferrando!

She has very kindly agreed to share some basics with us. So, if you want to find out whether this is for you before committing, or you want to start learning, I have a little section of Maive’s guest posts. Here’s the link!

That will help you to start learning and also link to more detailed resources, books and tutorials. So, you can get this new craft under way!

Online Beading Classes for all. Click https://my-world-of-beads.teachable.com/courses
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