Beading magazines used to be the only place to find new projects, shops and learn about beads. But, oh how the world has changed!

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With the growth of the internet, all this information has become available online. So, you can buy beading patterns direct from the designers. Just search on google (or better still, use this directory) to find beading shops.

Basically, all the information that beading magazines carry is also available for free on the internet.

So, why would you want to take out a magazine subscription? Maybe you used to and now you’ve cancelled it. Could it be worth subscribing again?

What is it that a beading magazine offers that you can’t get online?

magazinesWell, if you don’t have an internet connection, then that’s pretty obvious. The beading magazine will still be your best source for finding new projects, shops and learning about beads.

But if you do have an internet connection, what is it that a magazine offers?

In a word (3 actually!): ease of use. It’s all very well having all this information on the internet. But you have to search for it. So, it is much easier to have it delivered in your mail or via an email. (Yes, some beading magazines are only available digitally. Some have a choice of digital or print.)

The top reason to subscribe to a magazine

So, really, if you want inspiration and new projects to try, a magazine is still a great place to get them. Think about it: your magazine subscription costs just a few dollars, pounds, Euros, or whatever, per issue. For that, you probably get at least ten new projects. There’s no way you could buy ten new patterns for that money.

So, this is great value, but only if you actually want to make all those projects!

However, you also get articles, a bit of beading gossip, maybe access to other online resources, or discounts on show tickets. All worth thinking about!

magazinesI worked for 3 years as editor of Bead and Jewellery magazine – this is the image of my first ever edition!

New look beading magazines

It’s fair to say that most beading magazines find it a struggle to continue in this market. Yes, the competition from the internet has taken a huge toll. So, too has rising print costs.

This has forced the magazines to diversify their business. If you think about it, they have contacts with a huge number of shops and designers. So, how else can they bring the designer’s patterns or the shop’s beads to you?

Well, a lot of beading magazines also run bead shows. Most now have a huge online offering which extends to selling DVDs or books, or kits. All in all, they still remain a great resource for projects and beads. Perhaps it is just the way those things are offered that is changing.

How to find a magazine

You can make a good start on that by checking out the beading magazines directory on here. This gives you basic listing information with a link to the website where you can find out more or subscribe.

If you know of a magazine that you enjoy and which isn’t listed in the directory, then please add the listing. You can either do this yourself. Or contact the magazine owner and tell them about the directory.

Online Beading Classes for all. Click

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