Upcycled Home Decor Using Vibrant Beads and Creative Beadwork


Before we plunge into these great tips for upcycled home décor using beads, I want to say thank you to Briana from Wayne County Housing, who has written this lovely article for us, sponsored by her company*.

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It doesn’t matter what level of beading experience you have, the ideas she shares here are a great way to celebrate a new home, or give your existing house a little lift!

Give your (new) home a new lease of life with upcycled home décor and some beady creativity!

Use beads to upcycle home decor

Vibrant beads in every color and shape imaginable. (Image from Pixabay)

Did you recently acquire a condo unit?

Feels like hitting the jackpot, right? Nothing compares to the feeling of owning an upscale and well-designed home. Check out these listed at Precondo, by the way, if interested in finding the right condo for you.

If you already have your own condo, the next step is to prepare for your move.

One thing you might be wondering is whether to buy new furnishing or use the same pieces you already own. The answer lies on whether your old furniture and accessories match the interior of your new condo.

They might look too plain, bland or old.

Well, why not upcycle them and transform them into something completely new?

Where do you start?

In terms of accessories and ornaments, one of the quickest ways to change their looks is through beads. With the right beadwork, you can give those old vases and throw pillows a new look and extend their useful existence.

Don’t know where to start?

Enroll in beading courses or check out online tutorials. The former will help you gain skills to give old household items a new life, while the latter will help jumpstart your beading projects.


Which home decor can you upcycle?

Basically, anything goes when it comes to upcycled home décor. So, use your imagination, but here are a few ideas to get you started…

Throw pillows

Give new life to an old throw pillow by adding beads in different colors and patterns. Because beads are easier to work with, you can virtually use any design or style.

  • Line the edges with beads in colors that make up the rainbow.
  • Add a star, heart, and other shapes at the center. Keep it simple or show off your creativity with a more complex design.
  • Tell a story with beads in different styles.
  • Get a French beaded flower kit and add flowers to old pillows for nature or garden-themed interior.


Beaded decoration livens up an old vase

From a boring vase to a fancy one. (Image from Pixabay)

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out how you can turn an old vase into a new one using beadworks. Just wrap it in beads and you’re done.

But you can do so much more.

Clean and polish a vase, repaint it when needed, and then replace those plastic flowers with those made of beads. Yes, the same French beaded flower kit will have you making flowers that will always look fresh and fancy. Get a rose, poppy, daffodil, or starflower kit.

A combination of these flower kits will definitely add pops of color in your new condo unit.


Don’t throw that old tray that has been lying inside the cabinet for years. If it’s made of wood, you can easily use it as a canvas for your skills in arts and crafts, particularly beadwork. You see, you can line it with beads in different patterns so you can use it again and protect the wood from spills by pouring resin over the beads.

Or, you can turn an old tray into a shadow box. So, instead of hiding it away in cupboards, you can put it up on display for everyone to see and admire.

What’s great about beadwork is that you can use any of the techniques to create fabulous upcycled home decor that serves as a focal point or a conversation starter.

Chandelier and Lamps

Is your chandelier losing some of its crystals? Rather than buy a new one, replace those crystals with beads.

Get bead strands in one color to create a beaded chandelier. Shiny and glossy finishes will make the project look pricey.

Do the same for lamps. Line the shade with beads in a single or a combination of colors and let the rest hang on the edge in a creative manner.

You can cover the stand with beadwork too or leave it as is. When you opt for the latter, make sure the beads and the stand match perfectly.


Beaded curtains

Beautiful beads for curtains (Image from Pixabay)

Beads for curtains have been around for many years and make a suitable option for rustic and rugged settings. This doesn’t mean you can’t use the same idea in a contemporary condo.

Beaded curtains make awesome accessories, especially when made up of beads in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Even if you stick with one color but use beads in different sizes and shapes, you can easily create a unique curtain for an exciting window treatment.

To maximize the impact of beaded curtains, use them appropriately. Hang in between standard fabric curtains. Beaded curtain rods can be butted up next to a regular curtain rod for a cleaner look. Doing so also makes it easy to move the fabric curtains over the beaded curtains if you want some privacy.

Hang beaded curtains on doorways too. Make that entryway pop and more welcoming and vibrant. Another idea is to hang your upcycled curtains to delineate between the kitchen and the living room in an open-floor layout.

Hanging planter or basket

Put together bead strands to create a hanging planter for succulents. You don’t need to stick to plain wires and miss out on the opportunity to add pops of color in your home or at the deck or porch.

Depending on the weight of the hanging plant, you can use the bead strands all by themselves or reinforce the basket with wire, with beads running or wrapped around it.


Why stick to the conventional materials when you can go the unique route? With beads used as a backsplash, your kitchen will be colorful, vibrant, and different. It can be sparkling too, depending on the beads you use.

Because of the wide array of beads to choose from, you can follow different patterns in every shape and shade imaginable. The same beads you use on the backsplash can be used to cover tables, from top to bottom, and other available surfaces in the kitchen that can use a bit of color and style.

There’s more to beads than jewelry

Beads can be used to decorate your home in amazing ways. It’s a sustainable option for decorating too.

You get to upcycled home décor also minimizes the strain on already full landfills.

Most importantly, you get to showcase your creativity and love for arts and crafts through beadwork. Just remember not to overdo it!


*Article sponsored by Wayne County Housing, via a small payment from Leadspring LLC

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