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Do you sell beads, run a bead group, show, magazine or regular competitions? Or maybe you write and sell beading patterns or tutorials? My World of Beads offers several ways in which you can promote yourself and your beadwork.

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You can promote yourself for free. However, if you have been enjoying this resource, then I would really appreciate your help in keeping it alive. Your promotion will help your own business – My World of Beads ranks on the first page of google search for many beading queries. If you glance over to the right-hand column, you can also see some of the site stats. I have several thousand subscribers on the site and the views are over six figures! So, by promoting yourself, you can make sure your business is seen by all these thousands of potential customers!

Your support also helps me to cover the cost of hosting, building, maintaining and blogging on this website. So, thank you for supporting My World of Beads.

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The Beading Directory

I have set this up as a resource to help you promote yourself if you own a bead shop (‘bricks and mortar’ or just online), run a bead group, or work as a designer. Basically, anything that you currently contribute to the beading world can be listed in the beading directory.

You have the option to add a free listing or choose to pay to make your listing stand out in some way. So, let me explain those options…

Free Listings

These are text-only listings. They allow you to add all relevant contact details so that beaders can find you and use your services. Plus you can write a description of your business/offering to help potential customers understand if it is what they are looking for.

Free listings are available on all the beading directory categories, except for kits and patterns. These are only available as paid listings since they are directly advertising an individual product for sale.

Basic Listings – from £1 per year

A ‘basic listing’ allows you to add an image to your description and contact details. This is really helpful for two reasons:

  • making your listing stand out in a long list of competing shops/designers etc
  • most beaders shop more by image than text. So, think of that adage ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. It’s true – your image can say far more about your business, in seconds, than a few paragraphs of text

Since this is an incredibly powerful tool that I’m sure most of you will want to use, I have kept the cost incredibly low. I want this to be affordable to all – not just the province of bigger businesses.

Silver Listings – from £5 per year

A ‘silver listing’ allows you to add up to five images. So, the first will be shown alongside your listing in the main directory. The other four images will appear on the detailed listing once a user has clicked through to read more.

Again, this is an opportunity to let the potential customer see more of what you have on offer so that they can proceed through to your website, or visit your store.

We all know that summarising yourself in just one image is pretty impossible. So, the silver listings just give you a little more scope!

Gold Listings – from £20 per year

A ‘gold listing’ will feature your entry at the top of the listings page and the top of search results. Bearing in mind that most people get bored after scrolling through a page or so, this is a real bonus. This feature will ensure you get seen by every single person who looks at the directory pages.

So, now you know how the options work, let me tell you a little more about how you can use them to promote yourself to best advantage. Plus, I have a few other promotional options available outside the beading directory…

Beading directory, My World of BeadsClick here to go straight to the beading directory and start promoting yourself

Shops: Promote Yourself

If you own a beading shop or sell beads, there are various ways in which you can promote yourself.

Beading Directory

The most obvious – and easiest – way to promote yourself is by adding an entry to the beading directory.

Naturally, you will want to add an entry to the ‘beading shops’ section. But I know a lot of shops also run some kind of beading group. So, if this is you, then you may also want to add an entry under that section of the directory.

If your shops runs regular competitions, then you can list them under the ‘beading competitions’ entry too.

You are free to put together your own ‘combination’ of listing options. So, maybe you add a free listing in one of the directories, then spend on promoting your listing in another of the directories. Or maybe you use some combination of the featured options in all the directories.

Ads on Pages

If you want to run an ad for your store on a relevant page, you can. Maybe you sell a particular type of shaped bead and you would like to run an ad on the page about that bead. So, everyone who has arrived at that page looking for information about the bead (let’s imagine it’s a Kheops bead) is directed to your shop to buy their beads.

If this is something that would interest you, then please email

Site-Wide Advert

Promote yourself by taking out an advert that will appear on every page across the website. This can be placed in the right hand column (you can already see a couple of options).

If you would like to discuss this or other advertising options, for example a larger site-wide banner, then please email

Beading patterns directory of legitimate shops and websites

Designers: Promote Yourself

Are you a designer who already sells your tutorials or kits online? Then you might like the opportunity to promote them on My World of Beads. Naturally, you can add your details under the ‘beading designers’ section of the beading directory. This will link potential customers to your whole website.

But did you know, you can also promote individual tutorials and/or kits?

Promote your tutorials and kits in the beading directory

You will see that the beading directory offers a section of ‘beading patterns’ and a section of ‘beading kits’. Now, you can add as many listings to these as you want.

You just need to provide an image of the tutorial, description and the url of the page where it can be purchased. So, this can link to a page on your own website, or a product in a shop (for example Etsy or Facebook).

It costs from just £1 to create a listing that will run for a whole year. You can edit the listing at any time. Or, you can promote the listing, or include more images for a slightly higher fee.

Write a post

If you feel you are an expert in a particular technique or area of beadwork, how about writing a blog post?

This will benefit you by establishing your name as an authority in the beading world. It will also link to your website or online store to drive traffic and sales.

I will edit your post to ensure that it is going to show up high in search engine rankings. So, this will give you maximum exposure.

Your post will remain live on this website forever. So, you will benefit from long-term exposure and links. I offer all this for a one-off payment of £50.

If you would like to learn more, then please send an email to

Beading Directory, Promote yourself on My World of BeadsClick here to go straight to the beading directory and add your entry

How do you know this will work?

Well, I have been testing all these options since 2014. I use my own Beadflowers website to link to. Links from My World of Beads are consistently the fourth biggest provider of website visitors for me (behind Pinterest, Facebook and Search).

So, think how this could benefit your beading business too…!

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