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Do you sell beads or write and MyWorldBeads_Logosell beading patterns or tutorials? My World of Beads offers several ways in which you can promote yourself and your beadwork.

If you have been enjoying this resource, then I would really appreciate your help in keeping it alive. Your promotion will help your own business – My World of Beads ranks on the first page of google search for many beading queries.

It also helps me to cover the cost of hosting, building, maintaining and blogging on this website. So, thank you for supporting My World of Beads.

Shops: Promote Yourself

If you own a beading shop or sell beads, there are various ways in which you can promote yourself.

Site-Wide Advert

Promote yourself by taking out an advert that will appear on every page across the website. This can be placed in the right hand column (you can already see a couple of options).

If you would like to discuss this or other advertising options, for example a larger site-wide banner, then please email

Sponsor a Page

Promote yourself by sponsoring a page. If you look through the beading supplies section, you will see that it offers a single page post on a variety of different beading kheops5supplies. These include beads, tools, thread and other materials.

This gives a perfect opportunity to send readers direct to your product. For example, if you sell Kheops, we can place a link to your website at the bottom of the Kheops page. Readers will have learned all about the beads. Then your link will send them direct to you to buy.

We offer the chance to be a sole sponsor of the page for just £20 per year. So, for more information, please email

Designers: Promote Yourself

Are you a designer who already sells your tutorials or kits online? Then you might like the opportunity to promote them on My World of Beads.

Promote your tutorials

You will see that each of the pages honeycomb beadsabout the different types of bead includes a list of patterns at the end of the page. (Take a look at this example, Honeycomb Beads).

For an annual fee of £5 per pattern you can add tutorial promotions. Each pattern you want to promote will feature on the page that is most relevant to it.

You just need to provide an image of the tutorial, along with the url of the page where it can be purchased. So, this can link to a page on your own website, or a product in a shop (for example Etsy or Facebook).

Please contact me to find out more and set this up.

Write a post

If you feel you are an expert in a particular technique or area of beadwork, how about writing a blog post?

This will benefit you by establishing your name as an authority in the beading world. It will also link to your website or online store to drive traffic and sales.

I will edit your post to ensure that it is going to show up high in search engine rankings. So, this will give you maximum exposure.

Your post will remain live on this website forever. So, you will benefit from long-term exposure and links. I offer all this for a one-off payment of £50.

If you would like to learn more, then please send an email to

How do you know this will work?

Well, I have been testing all these options since 2014. I use my own Beadflowers website to link to. Links from My World of Beads are consistently the fourth biggest provider of website visitors for me (behind Pinterest, Facebook and Search).

So, think how this could benefit your beading shop too…!